Culture, Customs and Traditions in Sevilla by Noelle Glover

While studying in Sevilla, I attended multiple festivals and events. To start, I attended the
Festival of Nations in a local park that celebrated a multitude of nations. The festival offered
different food, drink, and music options. I attended the festival with friends and we had a great
time observing the cultures. Later on, I attended a couple of Christmas markets, they are my
favorite! Sevilla decorates well for Christmas and that made for a great experience! The
Christmas market had an ice rink, carousel, and ferris wheel! Along with lots of Churros con
Chocolate, my favorite Spanish dessert! I have been learning a lot about the local language
(Andalusian Spanish) and curating my pre-existing skills! Since I am a Spanish major, the
experience was super helpful in learning more about the language. I learned basic life skills in
regards to the language. For example: how the locals order food or go to the grocery store, the
post office, or even the dry cleaners! Additionally, learning how to navigate the transportation
system was helpful as well. The accent in Sevilla is very difficult to learn, as it is very fluid and
fast. I have not experienced culture shock, but it was an adjustment to meal customs and times.
In the US, my family and I eat around 7 or 7:30 pm. In Sevilla, I would eat around 9:30-10 pm
on average. Of course, other aspects of Sevillan culture are very different than those in the US,
but I learned to love the culture in Spain. The nonchalant lifestyle in Spain is crazy to me, as the
Spanish have a vastly different perspective on life. I love how work and play are divided.
Whereas, in the US, work and play are often blurred lines. Below is my lunch at the university
cafe, all for under $4!

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