Reflection on Sevilla by Noelle Glover

I adored my time in Sevilla, although it was initially hard to make the move. I made so many
lifelong friends from all over the world and learned so much about the importance of friendship
and companionship. Additionally, the experience most definitely boosted my cultural
intelligence. Learning to comprehend and appreciate other cultures is one of the coolest things
about traveling and to me, it makes you into a more well-rounded individual! At the beginning of
my time abroad, it was hard for me to imagine ever living in Spain or abroad, due to cultural and
social differences. However, after living 4 months here, I now feel like I could successfully
assimilate into this life! I would love to intern or work abroad soon and would suggest it to
anyone who is considering it. Now that my time in Sevilla has come to a close, I’m honestly
more sad than I ever could’ve imagined. For me, it was hard to leave the College to study abroad
in Sevilla and now that it is time to come back to the College; It’s just as hard to leave Sevilla.
Looking back on my time in Sevilla and Spain, I wish I would’ve truly soaked up my last couple
of days. When you are living in the moment, it is hard to accept the fact that you eventually have
to leave something you have grown to love. Therefore, my advice to others would be to truly
enjoy and appreciate the time you have in your new city and when your time is coming to a
close, soak in it. Hopefully, this will help you leave your city fulfilled and not feel regret of
missing out on anything, or not doing the last lap in the newfound city you’ve grown to love.
Adios, Sevilla!

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