Living Like a Local in Sevilla by Noelle Glover

My favorite food in Spain is Patatas Bravas and Spanish Tortilla. Patatas Bravas consists of fried
potatoes topped with salsa brava and aioli. They are truly delicious and most tapas bars serve
them. Spanish Tortilla consists of fried potatoes and eggs mixed and cooked together in a skillet.
The recipe is pretty basic, but the result is fantastic! Both of these dishes are described as
“tapas”. Tapas can be eaten as a snack or as a meal and are super easy to split between friends.
My friends and I go to a tapas bar after class and split 6-7 tapas and it costs us under $8 apiece!
That is one of the things I love the most about Sevilla and Spain: the tapas culture. Tapas are
great at initiating social gatherings and quick lunches and are always affordable. Ways I have
found to connect with locals is by attending “intercambios”, which are social gatherings hosted
by the school. Spanish students are matched with those who are studying abroad to build
relationships and practice their language skills. These events are hosted at tapas bars, so they
facilitate social growth and lots of fun! Another way I have connected with locals is by attending
soccer matches, or as the Spanish say, “futbol”! Soccer is big everywhere in Spain and for good
reason! It is a great sport that brings the Spanish together from all 17 regions of the country! I
have gone to two soccer matches so far and they have been great cultural experiences. I have met
so many locals and have learned so much from them about the culture of soccer in Spain. The
matches are filled with vibrant energy and it is awesome to observe the locals in their natural
habitat! Below is a picture of the stadium in Sevilla!

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