First Week in Trujillo by Ava Tanner

This is a shot from the old bridge of El Castillo, an ancient Moorish castle in Trujillo, Spain. It’s one of the oldest structures in the town, with its first known recorded date in 1475 as the birthplace of Francisco Pizarro, conqueror of Peru. While researching about the city, I learned it is referred to as the most romantic city in Spain and I think this photo serves as a good explanation. The ancient cobblestone streets, breathtaking sunsets, and numerous steeples are enough to make anyone fall in love, whether it be with the city or special someone. On the first night here, the school took us on a walking tour through the historic district. This area includes El Castillo, La Plaza Mayor, which is the city center with restaurants and shops, and Puerta de la Coria which is our school building once a convent. Puerta de la Coria is one of the highest points in the city, the window in our classroom overlooks the grass plans and city street of Trujillo.

This is a photo of Puerta De La Coria, in English this translates to door to the convent, which is appropriate as it is the entrance to our school. Every year the College of Charleston students have the opportunity to walk through these beautiful Roman Ruins taking a step back in time to receive an education like no other. The stairs here actually were an altar for the church during its prime time. On our tour of the city, we were told to imagine a village wedding taking place under the night sky, can you picture it? There is a museum in the Coria which gives an excellent historical summary of the restored convent and town. It is not uncommon to encounter a lost tourist looking for the museum on the way to class, much like downtown Charleston! I can personally attest to the sense of pride felt the first time helping one of them, as it signifies our knowledge of the town and Spanish language skills.

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