Becoming an English Local by Hannah Miner

When most people decide to study abroad, especially in Europe, all they talk about is how
much they plan to travel to different countries every weekend. Throughout my time here in
England, I have traveled but have decided to do something a little different. Traveling
throughout Europe, while at first looks quite easy and cheap, it really is not. You have to pay
for your travel, food, and a place to stay. Instead, I have decided to discover more of
England. Most cities in the UK are extremely accessible by train so that is what I do. You can
jump on a two hour train ride out of Hatfield and spend the day in a different town for way
cheaper than visiting other countries. Of course, you can also jump on a quick thirty minute
train ride to London, which I am known to do, a lot. So far, I have been to Colchester, the first
town of England, Clacton-on-Sea, a tourist destination on the English Channel, and Dover, a
very historic World War II city. Dover has hands down been my favorite. You can hike along
the white cliffs, some of the best sites I have ever seen in person. When my friend and I do
these day trips, we like to get in around 11:00 am and find a local cafe and get a coffee and
lunch. We then discover the town and finish up the day at a local pub before heading back to
Hatfield. During the last weeks of my time in England, I plan on visiting Newcastle, Liverpool,
Edinburgh, and Manchester. So just know, if you decide to study abroad, there is so much
more to this beautiful country than just London.

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