American College of Greece by Meredith Schilpp

My name is Meredith Schilpp and I am a third year Psychology major attending the College of Charleston. I am studying abroad at The American College of Greece in Athens, Greece for a semester. I chose this program because Greece has been a great interest of mine actually since the sixth grade when I completed a project on Greek mythology and learned about many aspects of Greek culture. In fact, I have still been able to remember the Greek alphabet from the sixth grade! Overall, Greek architecture, mythology, history, culture, food, and people have always been particularly interesting to me. The goals that I have set for my time abroad include being able to get a first hand experience on the culture of Greece while noting interesting cultural differences that I notice between America and Greece. I aim to be able to understand how the different culture functions as well as possibly being able to cook like the Greeks! I hope to be able to travel often and learn about Greece and the history as much as possible while keeping up with my studies of course. I am very excited to note the difference between teaching styles in Greek schools when compared to American schools, if any exist. I have researched Greece in great detail and have located many different places that I wish to visit during my stay including famous archaeological sites and famous locations. I want to be able to learn as much as possible and see first hand the famous sites I have always heard about and seen in pictures. The American College of Greece is in the city of Athens which has about 665,000 people inhabited in the great city, which is about half the population of all of Greece. I am excited to be able to learn to navigate the metros, trains, bus systems, and any other forms of transportation they have because Charleston really only has bus systems. I cannot wait to learn about Athens and learn about Greece as much as possible during my stay!

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