London is Calling by Hannah Miner

Hey Guys! My name is Hannah Miner and this semester I am attending the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield, England! I am a junior at The College and I am majoring in International Business and minoring in both European and Jewish Studies. I chose Herts because of the location. It is decently close to London and is super easy to get around the country from here. While I am here, I want to be able to meet people from around the world! I have only been here a week so far and have met people from different parts of the US, different areas of England, India, Germany, Canada, and Australia. The semester is just now getting started and I cannot wait to keep you updated on how everything is going!

Knowing that I would be going to school about twenty miles outside of London, I knew I would find myself in the city as much as possible. I arrived in England on September 14 and just two days after I found myself heading to London. The first visit was all about getting to know the city and doing all of the “touristy” stuff. A week later, I was heading back with someone I met here at Herts that is also from the US. This time, we met a family friend of hers who has been living in London for the last couple of years so he walked us around and showed us some of the places a visitor would not necessarily go and see. One of the coolest places he took us was Shoreditch. There is a bunch of cool street art in Shoreditch which was definitely cool! Being a soccer fan, I also had to go and tour Wembley while I was there. It is one of the most magnificent stadiums I have ever seen. As I sit here writing this, I just got back from London for the third time in just a short two weeks. The difference this time was that we decided to spend the night in the city and just take it all in for two days. One of the biggest parts of being here that is different than charleston is public transportation. In Charleston we do not have much at all but here, you are completely reliant on it. Not just in London but in Hatfield as well. It has definitely taken some getting used to, but it isn’t as scary as I thought it would be. I wish I could say I haven’t gotten lost on a bus or the underground but I 100% have, but hey, it’s all about the experience. I have been having so much fun these first couple of weeks and cannot wait to update everyone on life once classes start on September 30th!

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