Adger’s Wharf, 1930-1940

Adger’s Wharf, 1930-1940

Residing in downtown Charleston, past modern shops, stalls, and restaurants, resides a small gem of Charleston’s history. Adger’s Wharf is a small slice of historic Charleston that we still have today. Developed in 1735, it gained its name and reputation in 1842 when it was sold to the shipping magnate James Adger. It is through […]

Location: Manuscript Library

Location: Manuscript Library

When walking on Spring Street every single day, one of the first structures I always  notice is what used to be the Methodist Church at 68 Spring. I always admire this building, for its white greek columns. Especially when the sun hits early in the morning, or as the sun is setting this old church […]

(Samantha Hookers Remake of the 4th of July scene from The Cigar Factory by Michele Moore)

  It was July 4th, 2022 Sandra and her sister Diana headed for the Battery to watch the firework display. It was their first summer away from home. Usually this time of year they would be barbecuing at their family home in New York waiting to watch fireworks in their own yard. The walk to […]

The Cigar Factory Discussion- Understanding Characters

Page 103 in the Cigar Factory, we see Meliah telling her son Vincent De Paul the story of Denmark Vesey.This story is a parallel to the relationship that both Binah and Cassie have with the Rolands. I think that this is an important part of the book because it allows the reader to see how […]

Two Women and the Devil (Alice Ohlandt’s remake of John Bennett’s Death and the Two Bachelors)

One late spring night, Jane turned to her friend Liz as they finished the quarterly billing for the company, “doesn’t it seem strange that we’re spinsters, Liz? That we do not have the “right” life according to some people?” Liz knew what her friend was trying to say, that there was no way to have […]

“White Ghosts” (Catherine Quarles’ Remake of Bennett’s “The Army of the Dead”)

“White Ghosts” (Catherine Quarles’ Remake of Bennett’s “The Army of the Dead”)   At the time of the Confederate War, Trapman Street, that runs from Broad to Queen, was constantly busy. Beyond the range of Federal seize guns, it was a path of near constant activity. After the war, the traffic lessened, and the quiet […]

A Modern Remake of Cigar Factory (Poole’s Remake of Cassie’s Arrangement with Mr. Rolands Sr., pages 91-93)

Cassie was forty-one years old, older than most any other partner she knew in the company. She was thankful to have a job with such good benefits. Sure, the pay hadn’t kept up with inflation, but she had the health insurance. There wasn’t a day went by she didn’t thank Mr. Rolands Sr., God rest […]

A modern remake of The Wedding Band – (Marquez’s Remake of Alice Childress’s The Wedding Band)

Julia hears a knock at her door, knowing it could only be Herman she rushes to the door. As Julia thought Herman is the one waiting outside her home, but before she could get a word out to him, he collapses into her arms and they both fell to the ground. “Herman?! are you ok?” […]

Porgy: Robbins Modern Death Scene- Lindsey Mravcak

Porgy rushed down the hall of the seventh floor. Everything was white, the ceilings, the floor, the walls. Even the lights were white, casting down from above illuminated the space making the hall feel brighter. He felt out of place in this environment. His street clothes were worn down and ragged, needing a good wash […]

“Charleston Wife” (Kate Dennis’ Remake of Pat Conroy’s “The Lords of Discipline”)

It’s a late July afternoon when loud, obnoxious chatter from the street pulls Lucy’s attention away from her rose garden.  She sighs heavily, sparing one last look at her beloved flowers before walking towards the piazza of her Broad Street mansion. The noise continues to grow as she approaches the front of her home, and […]

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