The Dreaded Cover Letter

December 6, 2012

Have to write a cover letter. Use them as an enhancement to your resume! See this quick video by Brian Smith for

What to Include in a Cover Letter

A good cover letter may be as important as a well-crafted resume when applying for a job. This video will show you what information to include in your cover letter.

Don’t Reiterate Your Resume

A cover letter is a requirement for most jobs, so it’s crucial to have one that is well written. Firstly, when you write your cover letter, don’t reiterate your resume. Your cover letter should tell us about who you are. At the top of your cover letter should be a section including all of your contact info. Following the contact info insert the salutation of the person you’re trying to reach.

Cover Letter Body

The body of the cover letter is broken down into three paragraphs. The first should be an intro paragraph saying why you’re applying to the job. The second paragraph lets the employer know what you have to offer them. The third and final paragraph is your conclusion. After the closing paragraph, you will finish the letter with your signature.

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