Wellness in the Workplace

June 1, 2009

Many graduating seniors find that the adjustment to a 9-5 workday can have an impact on their health and the fitness routines they had been accustomed to during their college years.  When transitioning to a full-time job, students often find their time management skills challenged. No longer are the days structured so that you can hit the gym between class periods, or swing by Liberty for a cheap, fresh, and healthy lunch.  It’s important to make an attempt to stay healthy when you transition to your new workplace or graduate school.  Here are a few tips for a healthier transition:


1. Check for company discounts

 Many companies have a local gym that offers discounted memberships to employees.  (Some companies even reimburse employees for their gym memberships).  Check with your new employer and see if they are aware of any local discounts!


2. Lunch time fitness

If you’re not a morning person and hate crowded gyms during the after work rush, fit your fitness routine in during lunch.  Use your lunch hour to walk outside, use a workout DVD, or even go to a nearby gym.  If you don’t like to workout alone, find a co-worker who is also interested in lunch hour fitness; working out with a buddy gives you a social outlet and more accountability for fitting in that workout.


3. Pack your lunch

Stay healthy while saving time and money by bringing your lunch to work.  You can also save time in the morning by packing your lunch the night before or cooking larger portions of meals over the weekend and individually packing them for the week.  Preparing your meal at home allows you to control the calories and nutritious content- plus it’s much cheaper!


4. Keep clothes in your car

Keep a pair of athletic shoes and workout clothes in your car.  This way you can fit a workout in without making an extra trek back home to pick up your gear.  By the time you fight traffic, get home, and unwind a little you’re likely to lose all motivation to get that work out in.  Fit a quick workout in right after work and then head home and unwind!


5. Schedule it in

Write exercise ‘appointment’ times in your daily planner.  Scheduling your workouts in as an appointment on your personal or work calendar helps you to prioritize this time for yourself and not get too busy to fit in your daily fitness routine.  If this is part of your weekly routine it will also help you to maintain a regular fitness schedule over a long period of time.


Graduating from college doesn’t mean you have to lose your personal wellness routine.  With a few minor adjustments you can maintain and continue a healthy lifestyle as you transition into the working world.

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