May 2009 graduates – there are jobs out there!

April 6, 2009

If you listen to the news about the economy, you may come away with the idea that there are no jobs out there, so what is the point in looking? Actually, there are still job opportunities, but fewer of them. This means that there is more competition, and upcoming graduates must work harder and smarter in order to find the jobs available.

Here are tips for finding jobs in the current economy:

  • Don’t just look on major job sites on the internet for jobs!
    Since advertising on these sites costs money, and employers don’t want to be flooded with resumes, fewer jobs are being listed on the major internet job sites now.
  • Take every opportunity to make a personal connection to get leads on job possibilities, like talking to your roommate’s parents who live in a city of interest to you….or doing an informational interview with an alumnus of the College of Charleston working in a company you’re interested in but currently isn’t listing any openings. Leads can come from faculty, friends, acquaintances, your hairdresser, anyone!
  • Avoid casting your net too wide….don’t say you are interested in “anything” unless you really are! (And most of you aren’t! Would you flip hamburgers? Drive a delivery truck? No? Then you aren’t interested in anything.) Focus your search and your networking efforts on opportunities in which you are interested and for which you have some capabilities/qualifications.
  • Target your resume cover letter to match the job requirements and preferences of the vacancy.
    Research the company and the job to help you in personalizing your correspondence. This is critical in today’s job market!
  • Be prepared to start at a lower level than you had originally planned. Look for opportunities
    to get your foot in the door of organizations or companies that interest you. Take the opportunity to learn and to prove yourself, and to position yourself for promotional opportunities when they occur.
  • Realize that the process takes time, energy and effort.

A job search in the current economy is not for the faint of heart. And experts agree that “waiting it out” and doing nothing is the worst strategy, because it shows a lack of energy and interest in your career. At least if you are trying and making an effort, employers may appreciate that fact and consider you when they have an opening come available.

Check out this recent graduate’s job search success story and learn from his experience!

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