Majoring in School!

March 16, 2009

What is a major? Not a hard question to answer is it? According to it is “a subject or field of study chosen by a student to represent his or her principal interest and upon which a large share of his or her efforts are concentrated.” For example, if you are majoring in Business then you will primarily be studying the business world including market trends, management, advertising, and much more!

But did you catch the first part of the definition? It says “principal interest.” This means you should find an interest in what you are studying. I have talked with several students who claim they chose their major because it was recommended to them by family or friends. Or they chose biology because it makes a great degree to get into medical school. You should not choose your major based on other people’s suggestions, likes and dislikes, but based on your likes and dislikes.

Remember that a major does not equal a career. Just because you choose to study journalism does not mean you have to go into that career field. While in school you will have the opportunity to study a variety of subjects to build your knowledge and skill base; opportunities to complete internships and study abroad trips. It is those activities that will help you land the job of your choice. So if you want to major in art, theater, or some other subject area that you find enjoyment in then do so. Just remember to gain relevant experience in your other activities because those will go a long way to help you with your career goals.

Here are some things to consider when you are choosing your major:

  • What do you enjoy doing? Remember, you do not want to choose an area where you hate doing the work even if you are good at it.
  • Research different majors. Talk with faculty, students, and your career counselor about different majors you are considering. Get all the facts.
  • And last and most importantly remember that if you do not like your current major it is ok to change to another one. Most students switch majors while they are at school so you will not stick out if you do. Just remember the more you change your major the longer you may potentially be in school.

Have you had in Major dilemmas that you want to share?

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