How NOT to Succeed in the Workplace

February 2, 2009

How NOT to Succeed in the Workplace


Whether you’re at a part-time job, internship, full-time job, or volunteer position, here are some sure-fire ways NOT to succeed at work!


    1.  Ignore the office dress code


    2.  Have a bad attitude


    3.  Arrive late repeatedly without calling, or – better yet – don’t show up at



    4.  Do homework without your supervisor’s permission


    5.  Have extended personal conversations at work – either on the phone or

         with friends who stop by the office


    6.  Surf the internet, text message, or send personal emails without your

         supervisor’s permission


    7.  Get involved in office politics or gossip


    8.  Cover up mistakes by lying or shifting blame


    9.  Make excuses and avoid personal responsibility


   10  .Discuss confidential information outside of the appropriate venue


Okay, so how DO you succeed at work?  Check out our online training sessions in the Student Employment box at  There’s also a helpful handout on Workplace Essentials –

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