Finding Full-time Jobs in Charleston

December 1, 2008

When you left home the first time for college, the majority of you did not know where you wanted to be after four years of school. Some of you might have had an idea about the type of job or career. Or, some even might have had the geographical location down. But it is a trend for many graduating students to want to remain in Charleston after living here for four plus years. It is a great city with many things to offer, but now you are wondering how do I find a job in Charleston doing what I want to do? Well, there are a lot of different ways you can go about the job search with the Charleston area as your focus.

One of the best resources for finding professional positions is CISTERNonline. This system is hosted by us, The Career Center. On CISTERNonline you can search nation wide, but you can also limit your search to a geographic area including Charleston and limit your search with keywords or other parameters. And the only requirement to search on this site is that you are either a College of Charleston student or Alum.

Another great tool for the local job search is the newspaper. The Post and Courier lists hundreds of positions in their classifieds section ( Yes, there are the part-time and non-professional jobs listed but it lists professional careers too. With this tool (like the majority of them) you should check it weekly. New jobs are constantly being listed so you need to stay on top of them before someone else snaps up your dream job.

And finally, have you thought about the Charleston Chamber of Commerce member list? This is a list of all the member business in the Charleston area. You can narrow your search by industry and such. The list is a great resource to finding business and contact information. Use the list to start your networking endeavors and start sending letters and resumes!

Do you know of any other great resources? We are always looking for more great websites or tools to suggest to the students and alum of the College of Charleston. Share your sites and let’s start searching for that perfect career!



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