The International Resume

November 3, 2008

At the College of Charleston, many students decide to seek employment (either permanently or temporarily) in a foreign country. This is a great idea but each country has its own customs and rules when it comes to resumes. So how do you prepare for the global job search with an American resume? You don’t! If you are seeking employment in a foreign country you need to learn what they expect from a resume because there are key differences.

One of those differences is the listing of personal information (marriage status, age, place of birth, or a picture) is not acceptable on an American resume. It provides too much liability when the organization is hiring. They are supposed to hire you based on your qualifications not your age or skin color. But in some European or South American countries (among others) this information is essential for the hiring organization and they expect it on your resume.

There are other differences that may present themselves. In order to become better prepared for the global job search the Career Center has a print resource, “The Global Resume and CV Guide,” that you are welcome to come and view (sorry the book can not be taken from the Career Center). This book provides you with details (including examples and other resources) about writing resumes for 40 different countries. The guide also lists advice and help on interviewing in a foreign country as well as cultural advice. So when you are preparing your resume for the global search please stop by the Career Center and look at our resources!

Do you know of other resources to help with the global job search? If so, please share in the comments below!

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