Networking 101

September 29, 2008

Networking is a valuable skill used in the job search. Through your connections you can get access to information about jobs and companies that is not located on the internet. Only a small percentage of jobs are posted on the Internet job databases (approximately 20%) so you must know people who know people in order to find out about jobs. But. how do you get started networking your contacts?

First, make a list of all the people you know. this includes all your friends, family, professors, supervisors, even your doctor and minister. Every connection you have is another lead on a potential job. Your asking yourself right now “But, how will my preacher help me get a job? I don’t want to become a minister!” Your minister or doctor might not have a job for you but they have connections to who might know of potential positions. Networking is like a spider web, one string leads to another and to another and so on. Before you know it your network is a hundred strong. After you make your list of connections you need to let them know what your looking for. Tell them specifics and give them your resume.

This two step process will then be repeated every time you make a connection. Do you want more information about networking? Check out the Career Center Help Guides for more ideas on establishing an effective network.

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