The Subjective Resume

September 22, 2008

What is a resume? According to most dictionaries, it is a written summary of a person’s education, experience and other important information. But a resume goes far beyond that for you, the job seeker. A resume needs to be a marketing piece or advertisement for you to prospective employers. And what do all great advertisements have in common? They focus on the best feature of the product and put all the other information in fine print (or not mention it at all).

So what does this mean for you and your resume? Your resume needs to focus on your best features and qualifications for the position. If you have relevant experience you need to focus on that information, not your stint as a bag boy in high school. Information like that becomes part of the fine print (or not mentioned at all). But the entire time you are exalting your best features, remember to remain honest at all times. Lying in a resume will not help in the long run. Not only will they expect things you cannot deliver but they may call you on it and not hire you.

Need to know more about writing that great resume. Check out the Career Center’s resume handout, “Developing an Effective Resume,” on our website.

And don’t forget to attend the Career Center Resume Workshop on October 15 or 16 at 3:00!  For more details look at then events calendar on the Career Center Website.

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