The Five (or six) Year Plan

September 15, 2008

Years ago the standard time frame for college of four years (hence the titles “Four Year College” and “Two Year College”) but fast forward to present day and a lot of students are spending upwards of five to six years in college. Is this wrong? It depends on the reasons.

If you are staying in college five or more years just goofing off, changing your major 10+ times, or taking extended periods of time off to relax at the beach, then, yes the five year plan is wrong! Not only is it not good for your (or your parents) budget but it is a waste of resources. You are taking up valuable space that another more interested student could be filling.

But if you are staying in college five or more years because you are experiencing all that you can plus gaining relevant skills/knowledge then go ahead. Most people who complete an extra degree, take an internship(s), or study abroad spend extra time earning their degrees.

So if some asks what year you are and you feel like hanging your head when you say, “Second year Senior,” don’t! Especially if it is because of meaningful experiences. Those experiences will help you in the long run, not only to gain real world experience/knowledge but to expand your horizons.

For more ideas about how to gain the most out of college (even if it will take a few more semesters, check out these links:

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