Welcome Back Everyone!

August 18, 2008

Hopefully, everyone had a very eventful summer break. Did you have an internship that showed you what professionals in your chosen field really do? Did you take a trip to another country, experiencing another culture to its fullest? Or did you take classes to get ahead of the game in school? Well, whatever you did this past summer with any luck it was fun, relaxing, but meaningful in the grand scheme that is called life!

But now you are back to school and it is time to hit the books. Good luck during the next year. For those of you who are new to the school welcome to the city by the sea and the College of Charleston. A place where you will set down roots for the next few years and gain education and life experiences. For the returning students, welcome back! You know the routine, but remember things will be a little different. Some of you are getting into your major classes, or you’re joining a new club or activity. Or you’re entering your final year at the College of Charleston.

Here on the Career Center Blog we hope to help all of you, no matter your stage in the matriculation cycle. Over the next semester we will be discussing a wide range of topics. And if we do not talk about something you want to know tell us in the comments below. So hang in there for another year of career advice and discussion!

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