Defining Your Brand

February 25, 2008

The interview process is much like the marketing pitch of a salesman. He is trying to make his product stand out among the competitors. So like the salesman, you need to make sure your product, You, stands out among the other applicants. In order to do this you must be aware of what you have to offer the employer, this is called Defining Your Brand. Discover what it is about you that will set you apart from the other applicants.

One way to define yourself is the level of your passion for the job. I always say a person who loves their job will do 10 times better than a person who just does their job well. By showing employers that you have a passion for the job, they will feel your excitement and want to work with you so much more.

A second way to define your brand is when you answer the question: Why should we hire you? As a potential employee you do not want to give a grocery list of your qualifications. This is boring and not very original. Answering this question correctly gives you the opportunity to standout to the employer. You can focus on the following things: your passion for the work, how you can benefit the company, and how the company or position is the right fit for you. has a great article about Defining Your Brand. Check it out and discover more ways to stand out against the crowd.

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