Be Wary of Online Job Hunting

January 14, 2008

In today’s job market many employers and potential employees do the search for candidates/jobs over the Internet. It has made life simpler for the honest human resources personnel because they can post the job in minutes and get responses within hours. Life made simpler.

But while the Internet makes life simpler for the job hunter and the human resources guru it has also made it simpler for the more criminal minded. Identity theft is now becoming common among the online job hunt networks. Places where you post your resumes and others can post illegitimate jobs hoping to catch you unawares. So be careful about what you place on the World Wide Web and take special precaution about which jobs you apply for.

Here are some tips to make the online job hunt safer for you and your identity:

  1. On your resume never post sensitive materials such as your social security (and never give this number out to anyone over the Internet) and too much personal contact information.
  2. Research the company you are applying to before you give them ANY sensitive information. Make sure they are real.
  3. In job announcements check the authenticity of it: does it have spelling errors or invalid phone or fax numbers.

These were just a few tips to help you remain safe in the online job hunt. Check out this article for more advice remaining safe.

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