The Top 10 Ways to Bomb a Job Interview

November 26, 2007

10. You do not send a Thank You note after the interview.

A great way to emphasize your enthusiasm for the position and to subtly remind the interviewer of you otherwise they may forget. For tips on writing a thank you note click here.

9. You dress in causal clothes (flip flops, tennis shoes, jeans, etc.)


Remember this is a job interview not a day at the beach or a shopping excursion. Dress the part you want to be hired for. The interviewer needs to be able to picture you in their company.

8. You do not ask questions.

By asking questions about the position, office atmosphere, company culture and other details you are showing the interviewer that you are interested in them. They won’t hire someone who does not show enthusiasm for the position and company. Click here for our interview guide which includes sample questions you can ask the interviewer.

7. Your attention wanders during the interview (staring out the window or playing with your rings).

This is another way to show an interviewer your lack of enthusiasm if your attention wanders. Give the interviewer good strong eye contact when you are talking to them and when you are listening to what they say.

6. You show up late for the interview without calling and explaining your tardiness.

When preparing for an interview you should build enough time prior to the interview that you can make it on time. Think about possible delays you could have and leave time to compensate. And if something happens and you are going to be late call ahead and tell them!

5. You fidget so much you distract the interviewer with your acrobatics.

It is understandable if you are nervous during the interview, but try to control the impulse to fidget. You want the interviewer to concentrate on your words not your tapping foot or swirling chair.

4. You answer your cell phone/you bring your cell phone to interview.

Big No-No! Don’t even bring your phone to the interview. Remember the interview is all about the company not all about you. They call the shots and may become annoyed and unimpressed if you answer your phone or if it even rings during the interview.

3. You speak negatively about previous supervisors or employers.

If you speak badly about your previous employer what is stopping you from speaking badly about a new employer? This is a hint into your personality that the employer may not like. Give them a positive impression. If you did not like your previous employer simply state that you had different styles but both of you worked well together.

2. You ask about pay and other benefits before they offer you the position.

Another big no-no. You want to leave the interview with the impression that you want the job because you enjoy the work and company not because of the pay check.

1. You do not know what position you are interviewing for or anything about the company.

You may say this is a hard thing to do but I have seen a student before who did not know which position they were interviewing for and knew nothing of the company. Do your research and know every little detail about the position and the company plus by doing your research you can develop questions to ask the interviewer.


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