Wisely Choosing Classes To Help Your Future

October 1, 2007

Class registration is soon approaching for the students at the College of Charleston. While thinking about the different class choices, you may want to keep in mind what possible career choices you will make upon graduation.

If you are a freshman or sophomore who has yet to make the Major decision you may want to use some of your classes as an opportunity to explore different areas of study. Try taking some of the Intro classes. These will allow you to gain a rough overview of the field and help you decide if you would want to devote your time into studying it. Taking intro classes is an opportunity to talk with professors about their subject area. Let them know you are considering that as a major or minor and ask for their advice or recommendations.

If you have already chosen your major, you may want to consider taking classes outside of your major area of study. These classes can benefit you by providing you with knowledge and/or skills that could help you land a job. For example, take a desktop publishing or photography class if you are considering public relations or journalism. Or take a class in Latin or medical terminologies if you want to go into the medical field. The important fact is to gain as much knowledge while in school to benefit you in the ‘real’ world.

So good luck when choosing classes that will benefit you in the future.

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