The Arts Management Major!

September 5, 2007

The first installment of the major of the month!

Do you like art, but do not want to be an artist? Does the idea of planning events or writing grants appeal to you? Do you want to manage the finances, volunteers, or collection of an organization? Or do you just like the background an Arts Management degree can give you?

If so, then a Bachelor of Art in Arts Management may be the best fit for you. In this degree you will learn about the world of art, but also come to understand the business aspect of it as well. The course catalog has a great summarization, “. . . prepares students to become leaders, managers and members of arts organizations.” These organizations can range from museums, galleries, theater companies, plus other organizations not in the art world. The sky is the limit.

Do you want to know more about a degree in Art Management? Next Wednesday we will be featuring alumni from this degree program. Miriam Dolin, Associate Development Director for Israel, Inc. She will be answering some great questions about what she got out of the program and her current employment. Plus if you have any questions feel free to make them in the comments section.

But What Can I do with an Arts Management Degree?

Anything! That is the great thing about going to school at a liberal arts college; you will learn a variety of different skills and knowledge that will prepare you for the world, no matter what you do. There are some careers out there though that just scream out for an arts management major.

Here are a few job titles you could eventually have:

o Art Museum Curator
o Art and Object Conservator
o Photographer
o Collection Manager
o Administration of an museum or gallery
Exhibit Design/Preparation

Remember this is only the tip of the iceberg. Do you like fashion? That is a great area for an arts management area. Or do like helping people? Have you thought about art therapy? Explore your options! The Internet is a great place to find out about different opportunities out there. Later in the month the blog will feature some resources you can use to determine different avenues the Arts Management major can take.

Later in the month I will be posting some more helpful resources for those of you in Arts Management or thinking about choosing this as your major. If you are considering this major please stop by the department’s website or going to their office in the Bell Building.

Resource: Camenson, B. (2003). Great Jobs for Art Majors. New York: VGM Career Books.


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