Welcome Back Students!

August 20, 2007

It is time for another exciting year here at the College of Charleston. Is this your first year exploring this sea side college? Or are you in the midst of your collegiate journey? Or, are you beginning the last year before heading onto bigger things? Well, whatever your status here at the College welcome back and I hope you have a great year.

If this is your first time reading the Blog welcome as well. Here at the Career Center we are striving to help and inform you in the way of majors and careers. The world we live in is propelled by technology of all kinds and so we at the Career Center want to meet you in a common ground—the Internet.

On the Blog you will be able to read about issues you may be facing now or will so be facing. Issues including resumes, the job hunt, interviews, choosing a major, and so on. I hope you come back to learn more about navigating your way around the major/career decision process.

And please make comments and/or questions! We want your feedback. I want to know what you think about the different issues that will be featured on this site. Plus you may have the bit of advice for your fellow students that will help them succeed. So make a statement or question below.

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