How COVID Impacted Physical Activity Levels in 2020

As we start to see a glimmer of hope that the despair and catastrophic loss caused by this dreadful virus is on the wane, national associations are beginning to quantify and report the impacts along various segments of our lives.

Last March, groups such as our campus recreation program were all trying desperately to find ways to continue to offer programming, especially fitness programming, using a largely untried virtual format.  While we improved considerably in our delivery since that time, did it help persons during this period?

Recent research by the National Recreation and Park Association revealed a few outcomes worth noting, especially given our primary field of interest is physical activity and recreation.  They reported that 33 percent of adults in this country upped their physical activity during this time.  On the other hand, and not surprising, forty-six percent showed a decrease in their physical activity.  Another 20 percent claimed no change in their physical activity.

A short version of the report is provided at the link above.  And for a parting thought, “Today is a good day to start adding physical activity to your lifestyle.”


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