Running Club Conquers the James Island Connector Run

The College’s Running Club regularly participates in this race.  For those unfamiliar with its background, the Charleston James Island Connector Run benefits the Gavalas Kolanko Foundation, a local charity that awards annual scholarships to students with physical disabilities making “Education Within Reach” for South Carolina undergraduates pursuing a college education despite physical limitations.  Since 1999, the Foundation has raised more than $1,000,000 and awarded 165 scholarships to Lowcountry students.  For more information,

Thirteen club runners participated this year and a number of great times were posted!

Blake Mino placed 4th in the overall competition.
Amanda Henderson and Cathryn Main placed first in their age group for the 10k.
Benjamin Harley and Madison Jones placed second in their age group for the 10k.
Janneke Morin placed first in her age group for the 5k.
Liv Donovan placed second in her age group for the 5k.
Connor Sage placed third in his age group for the 5k.

For the 10k race, all club members broke the one hour barrier and for those who ran the 5k, only one club member exceeded 25 minutes.  Great work gang especially on the part of the club’s president, Legare Hay, who organized this activity.

Blake Mino 0:42:45 10k
Amanda Henderson 0:45:34 10k
Ben Harley 0:43:26 10k
Cathryn Main 0:51:33 10k
Madie Jones 0:51:46 10k
Melissa Cote 0:55:19 10k
Albert Kresken 0:57:58 10k
Sydney Hungerford 0:58:00 10k
Connor Sage 0:20:52 5k
Janneke Morin 0:22:45 5k
Livia Donovan 0:23:29 5k
Legare Hay 0:24:20 5k
Kirsten Mullins 0:25:44 5k


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