Brown Selected as the New Coach of the Crew Club

Campus Recreation Services is very pleased to welcome Seaton Brown ’09 as the new head coach of the College’s crew club.  Seaton served as the coach for novices the past two years, teaching and coaching students new to the world of rowing.  He helped guide the novices as they learned the ins and outs of rowing, from getting them rowing-ready in the gym through strength and conditioning training to understanding the unique lingo of the sport by rigging shells, identifying strengths as port/starboard rowers, and enjoying the early morning 5000m practices on the Ashley River.

There are some changes on the horizon and Coach Brown is expecting strong head race and sprints seasons over the next year with new looks and a renewed vigor.  The first general interest meeting for those wishing to join the team is scheduled for Wednesday, August 31 at 8:00 p.m. in the Admissions Auditorium at 65 George Street.  Any and all are welcome to attend.

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