Sport Club Captain Highlights: Tyler Perini, Men’s Volleyball

Tyler Perini
Junior, Mathematics
Lawrenceville, GA

Club Intensity
“We have some players who played competitively in high school or elsewhere, and some who have never played before. We’re always working on fundamentals so that we can reach a level so that we are consistently competitive in tournaments.”

What’s the best part about CofC Men’s Volleyball?
“To me what’s so addicting about the sport is the exciting teamwork. Every player has a job on the court – we all back each other up, support each other, and cheer a lot.  Our club cheer is ‘Let’s Get Tropical!’”

What are the biggest challenges in Men’s Volleyball?
“Many people are always surprised about the level of technique required for ball control. It’s not all about speed and power – getting to the ball and swinging your arm isn’t even half the battle.

We can’t all have the flashy responsibility of ‘just kill the ball and make the point.’ Even a not-so-flashy job like ‘just get the ball up’ is crucial to every point in a match.”

Time and Place
Sundays 5:00-6:30 p.m.
Johnson Center Gym

By The Way!
“Check us out at the next home varsity volleyball game! We lead the student section, The Block Party, and give out free pizza and drinks to fellow students”

Contact Tyler at  Join our Facebook group CofC Men’s Volleyball Club

Post made by:  Nadia Klincewicz, CRS Social Media Coordinator

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