Sport Club Captain Highlights: Jacquelin Zimmerman, Figure Skating

Jacquelin Zimmerman
Senior, Psychology
Potomac, MD

Best Team Memory
“When we performed at a South Carolina Stingrays hockey game. It was so much fun and we felt like celebrities walking through the rink. One girl even came up to us and wanted a picture. It was incredible. My favorite part was when they introduced us over the sound system “Please welcome the College of Charleston Figure Skating Team”.  Hearing that echo through the arena brought tears to my eyes because I started this team here and that was the moment it became a reality.”

What’s the hardest part about your sport?
“Skating is the real life example of the saying “whenever you fall, you always have to get back up”.  We skaters fall numerous times daily, and we get back up and continue on. It is tough when trying to learn a new jump or spin and it doesn’t come right away. Skating is hard work but it is worth it. Skating is such a mental sport and it can be hard at times to push through that. When I am having a rough day or week, it can be easy to beat myself down and just give up. But I keep pushing through and eventually I will break through that wall.”

What’s the most rewarding part about your sport?
“Seeing all of your hard work pay off. Skating is full of ups and downs but when you achieve the goal you have been working toward for so long, the feeling is like none other. I have had many goals throughout the 15 years I have been skating, one of course making it to the Olympics. Well obviously that didn’t and isn’t going to happen, so I have made new goals. One goal was to go to Collegiate Nationals, and not only did I compete, I ended up with the bronze medal. When I skated out to take my spot on the podium, I just knew that all the tears, sore muscles, and rough days were worth it. I worked so hard and I could finally see it pay off.

Tell us something we don’t know about figure skating.
“Skating is not just about artistry. Training requires extreme off ice training such as muscular endurance training, muscular strength training, stamina and endurance training and flexibility training. It is an extremely athletic sport that many people do not understand.”

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Post made by:  Nadia Klincewicz, CRS Social Media Coordinator

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