9 August 2021 – What I learned today

Things I learned today:

  1. Victor met with me to help with setting up my classrooms for the fall semester. He recommended using Zoom and a screen capture for my large class. I am going to try using a microphone, in the hopes that my laptop will be able to capture the sound effectively.
  2. Rhonda sent me a number of interesting articles on mindfulness. I am starting to see the outlines of “standard” mindfulness practice, which include focus on something (breath, sound, etc.) and a non-judgmental return to that focus when the mind inevitably wanders.
  3. There are a lot of researchers in mindfulness at the University of Toronto!

Rose: I enjoyed eating Teriyaki Chicken and reading Peter King at lunch.

Bud: I am excited to try out my classroom solutions tomorrow.

Thorn: I am still working out how to teach class in the fall!