I teach classes in microeconomic theory including principles of microeconomics, microeconomic analysis, and a graduate level course in economic policy analysis. In the recent past, I have taught courses in energy economics and optimization.


Current Teaching

  1. Principles of Microeconomics. Syllabus. Description: Introduction to microeconomic theory.
  2. Microeconomic Analysis. Syllabus. Description: Intermediate microeconomic theory.
  3. Economic Policy Analysis. Syllabus. Description: Required course with the Masters of Environmental Studies program. We discuss basic economic theory applied to environmental policies.

Student Comments

Here are some comments that past students have made on course evaluations:

“… knowledgeable & always prepared.”

“He is a well-rounded teacher. Very knowledgeable…”

“Very good at feeling whether or not he needed to tone up or down in lecture.”

“Dr. Burnett relays information in a way that makes me think. One of the greatest Profs. I have had …”

“The instructor has always been available and open to discuss homework and economic concepts. You can tell he really wants you to learn, and he is happy doing what he does. I would recommend him for a professor for future students.”

“Really enthusiastic about the material & encouraged participation in every class.”

“The instructor was amazing. The material for this course is challenging but Dr. Burnett made it easy to understand. Tests and assignments were difficult but grading was fair and I learned a lot from class. Best Teacher I have had so far.”