Final Portfolio

Due Dates:

  • Final Draft Due in the HONS 100: BGS Binder at the end of class on Week 14 (Nov. 19 & 21).  Additional updates may be made to documents uploaded to the OAKS dropbox through Nov. 22.

The final portfolio–housed in the branded Honors College binders that were required for the course–contains the key assignments completed over the course of the semester.

Some of the documents, such as the Resume and the Honors Engaged Proposal and Reflection, reflect what you’ve accomplished in the past. Other documents, such as the PACE Navigator and Personal Statement, will be important tools for helping you in the future. Your portfolio will never be static: it represents an up-to-date version of who you are and what you hope to achieve.

Because the portfolio is a semester-long project, it will go through several revisions in response to peer edits, in-class workshops, and feedback from PFs and class leaders. While you will be required to submit a physical version of the portfolio housed in the custom binders required for the course, you will also submit key assignments electronically and create an online professional profile through Linkedin. Your portfolio will be worth 40% of your overall grade and will include the following documents, in this order:

  • PACE Navigator
  • Honors Engaged Documents:
    • Honors Engaged Proposal
    • Honors Engaged Semester Reflection
  • Professional Documents:
    • Resume
    • Personal Statement
  • Written Reflections as directed by your Peer Facilitator

Failure to bring your draft portfolio to BGS during the final full week of class will result in a lower grade on the portfolio. During your final BGS class, you will review the components of the portfolio as a group and your peer facilitator will answer any questions you have about the final submission.

Your documents should be either hole-punched or you may choose to put each document in a clear sheet protector–that way you don’t have to hole punch them and you could have multiple copies of your resume or personal statement just in case you are in an interview and they ask for one.

Please also note that you will be required to upload your resume and PACE Navigator, Resume, Personal Statement, Honors Engaged Proposal, and Honors Engaged Semester Reflection to the OAKS class of 2023 site.

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