Honors Engaged Application

Due Date: 9/18/22

The Honors Engaged Application is a research and practice starting point for the work you will do throughout this year in  Honors Engaged.

        • As members of an academic community, we all value philosophies, decisions, and actions based on credible information.
      • As members of a civic community, we all value perspectives and commitments aimed at effecting positive change.

As such, this assignment is designed to catalyze your thinking about critical issues in Charleston and to embed you in the intellectual and practical work of addressing one of those issues through a yearlong commitment to local, sustained civic engagement.  You should familiarize yourself with our Critical Issue Cohorts and Community Partners and their relationship to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • On the academic side, you should begin thinking about where you can find credible information on critical issues.
  • On the civic side, you should carefully consider both your interests and your pre-existing commitments as you answer the questions regarding your ability to commit to working within a particular Critical Issue or in collaboration with a particular Community Partner.


2022 Honors Engaged Application


*You must complete the Honors Engaged Application via this form by 9/18/22.



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