Honors Engaged First-Semester Reflection

Reflecting on Civic Engagement through Articulated Learning

Please compose a series of paragraphs addressing each of the following six questions regarding your Honors Engaged experience thus far.  This will be due along with the rest of your portfolio documents in the “Class of 2024” OAKS dropbox by 11/20/20.

  1. What did I learn?
  2. How, specifically, did I learn it?
  3. Why does this learning matter? How is it significant?
  4. In what ways will I use this learning? What goals shall I set in accordance with what I have learned in order to improve myself, the quality of my learning, or the quality of my future service?
  5. What measurable impact do I imagine making on the Charleston community in the future as a result of this learning?
  6. What else do I hope to learn going forward?


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