Question Bank for Alumni Profiles

Note: you can’t ask all these questions, and your questions should be planned out in advance in a way that you feel captures the arc of the conversation you hope to have. Of course, things will change in the moment of engagement, but it is best to be over-prepared going in.

Question List (please also adapt / devise your own): 

Tell me about you journey after graduation? What challenges did you face? How did you add skills, certifications or degrees to supplement your English degree?

What do you wish you had known when you were as senior English major? You might personalize this question in the context of how you are experiencing this moment (eg. excited, anxious, etc.).

What were the most memorable courses or professors you encountered? Can you describe that experience?

What ideas did you encounter as an English major that inspired real growth and change in how you view the world?

As an English major, how have you navigated the increasing emphasis on technological ability and fluency in the workplace?

Do you find that your job or career allows for adequate work-life balance?  What else are you passionate about?

What are some ways that English has benefitted you in personal and professional life?

How did you end up where you are?

How would you describe the value of the English major to first-year students and their parents?

What advice do you have to offer newly minted English majors?

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