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This is Why I’m Here

When I graduated kindergarten the teachers asked every student what they wanted to be when they grew up. The result of our barely formed decisions were placed directly underneath each of our school photos in the yearbook. Some of my classmates wanted to be astronauts, others wanted to be firefighters, and some simply said they […]

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“Oh, You’re an English Major?”

“Oh, you’re an English major? So you must want to teach English right?” That’s the question that haunts most English majors the moment they hear it roll off a person’s tongue as if there could not possibly be any other path that could be taken. Though I have always resented the mere thought of that […]

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A Story About A Story

“I grew up.” A story everybody can relate to. “I grew up in a small southern town.” A story some people can relate to. “I grew up in a small southern town, in a large house, with 3-5 other children, depending on the day of the week. The bus would come early, the cafeteria breakfast […]

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In Defense of My Own Interests

Becoming an English major wasn’t ever something that I had ever entirely sat down and thought “This is what I am meant to do and I am going to do it.” Moreover, it’s just something that naturally fell into place because I simply liked anything to do with the arts. On one side of my […]

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Discovering English as a Science Kid

I think if anyone from my high school could see me now, they would not believe my decision to not only move to Charleston, but to become an English major. I was somewhat correctly labeled as a “math and science” kid in middle school and that notion followed me throughout my high school years. It […]

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