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Last to the Party

I would say it’s time to release my website unto the world, but alas it’s been live for a couple weeks now. That being said, this was definitely a love-hate project. I went into the process pretty confident and then was almost immediately humbled by wordpress and its many quirks. I knew in my head […]

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I genuinely spent SO much time on my website (for no real reason) and I will not lie I am incredibly happy with the way it turned out. I didn’t really go into this assignment with a plan for how I would tackle the format, as I sort of just built off of things as […]

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The Finale!

It is finally complete! After hours of frustrating trial and error, I have finished my website.  While I have created a website before, I have never used wordpress so this was definitely an intense learning curve. As you can see, I used the illustrator template as I was recommended which proved to be the easiest […]

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Presenting: The Website

As much as I was not the biggest fan of creating this website, here it is. I think I most found myself being somewhat nervous to share the things I have learned throughout my college career, yet I have to remind myself that everything is a learning game. While I don’t admit that this is […]

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In Conclusion

I am equally as excited as I am scared to announce that I have finally launched my personal website! While the thought of my work being available to the public may spark my anxiety, I am nevertheless proud of each artifact that I chose to include. Because I wanted the focus to remain on the […]

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Your New Favorite Link

Hello, everyone! We’ve made it. As assumably everyone else in this thread, I am granting you access to my website. So, boom, there you go. You’re welcome. As you peruse my site, I will draw attention to the marvelous décor. We have five main pages: Home, Essays, Memoranda, Reflections, and Resumé. Home, well, home is […]

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Without Further Ado…

…I’m excited to introduce my brand-new website! Using Wix, I have created a writing portfolio to share with potential employers. The process was not without its challenges (I’ll get into those later on), but overall I’m very happy about the final product and I am confident that it will prove an invaluable tool in the […]

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