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Presenting: The Website

As much as I was not the biggest fan of creating this website, here it is. I think I most found myself being somewhat nervous to share the things I have learned throughout my college career, yet I have to remind myself that everything is a learning game. While I don’t admit that this is […]

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Discovering Passions with Harlan Greene

On the third floor of the College of Charleston’s Addlestone Library, archivist Harlan Greene can be found in the Special Collections Department. My initial interest in interviewing Harlan was based on the simple job description that he worked in an archive. As this is a profession that I’ve considered looking into post-graduation, I was excited […]

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Life’s a Garden, So Dig It!

Prior to attempting the Flower Exercise in Richard N. Bolles’ What Color Is Your Parachute, I imagined that I was going to fly right through each of the seven petals in a rather joyful manner. I soon quickly realized that I found the exercises of deciding what I don’t want to be somewhat frustrating, as […]

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Finding a Story to Tell

Despite my aversion to talking more about myself, I have always had a love for storytelling. As a child, I distinctly remember my second-grade teacher telling the class that books are a form of escape. That there is the ability to jump into a new world with new possibilities. While my teacher had said these […]

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Laughing at Green Juice

I’ve been trying to do a variety of things to better myself since my mental health took a whooping nose dive exactly around January of last year. While I have been on a rollercoaster of good and bad depression days over the last ten years, something inside of me must have broke. While I’ve made […]

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The Delight of Delights

Ross Gay’s composition of essays, The Book of Delights highlights a very real human need to exist and find joy in the seemingly mundane that surrounds us. The delights offered throughout strike me as something that is extremely forgiving and an exercise to find ways of accountability and creativity. The challenge of creating a small […]

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In Defense of My Own Interests

Becoming an English major wasn’t ever something that I had ever entirely sat down and thought “This is what I am meant to do and I am going to do it.” Moreover, it’s just something that naturally fell into place because I simply liked anything to do with the arts. On one side of my […]

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