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Without Further Ado…

…I’m excited to introduce my brand-new website! Using Wix, I have created a writing portfolio to share with potential employers. The process was not without its challenges (I’ll get into those later on), but overall I’m very happy about the final product and I am confident that it will prove an invaluable tool in the […]

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Aurora Harris: English Major to Nonprofit Leader

All too often, English majors are—unfairly and incorrectly—written off as unemployable. As academic Benjamin Schmidt puts it, “The difference between humanities majors and science majors, in median income and unemployment, seems to be no more than the difference between residents of Virginia and North Carolina.” And yet, our society continues to question both the value […]

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Reflections on Flower Petals

Having recently become quite concerned with determining the color of my parachute, I’ve decided to discuss here the process of working through Richard N. Bolles’ so-called “Flower Exercise.” For those who are unfamiliar, the Flower Exercise is a seven-part series of worksheets and thought experiments designed to help one determine various elements of themselves that […]

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The Resume Dilemma or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the English Major

At a certain point before, during, or after pursuing their degree, I suspect every English major is confronted by what I’ll call “the resume dilemma”—that is, the challenge of translating their interests and accomplishments into language that could be understood and appreciated by would-be employers who come from different academic (usually non-liberal arts) backgrounds. In […]

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An Ode to the Nestle Drumstick

I would like to preface this post with an explanation. As I’ve referenced previously, I am not a fan of  The Book of Delights. For a number of reasons that I won’t go into at present, the formal elements of a “delight” are difficult to reconcile with my personal literary philosophy. However, as a writing […]

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