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Your New Favorite Link

Hello, everyone! We’ve made it. As assumably everyone else in this thread, I am granting you access to my website. So, boom, there you go. You’re welcome. As you peruse my site, I will draw attention to the marvelous décor. We have five main pages: Home, Essays, Memoranda, Reflections, and Resumé. Home, well, home is […]

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Isabel Gardett: An English Major Doesn’t Have to Be a Teacher

Isabel (Marie) Gardett graduated from the College of Charleston not only with a BA but also a MA in English. She later received a Ph.D. in English, specializing in rhetoric and writing, from the University of Utah. Throughout and after her path of higher education, she experienced many career shifts, from instructing college courses, writing […]

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Tending My Flower

While exploring the flower in my mind, I honestly did not discover anything too new. I did, however, gain a greater understanding of my interests. Each petal within this exercise from Richard N. Bolles What Color Is Your Parachute? explores a different important aspect of one’s career and life. The seven petals cover my favorite […]

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Exploring the Ambiguous

Throughout my college experience, I have faced many challenges within the classroom which resonate with my personal and professional life. As noted in an earlier blog post, I came to college wishing to pursue a pre-med track that would lead me toward a clean white doctor’s coat of my own. However, I quickly realized my […]

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Babies, Puppies, and Babbling

In Ross Gay’s The Book of Delights, he includes a short essay on the joy of seeing a baby. While on a plane, he adorably describes how he spotted a toddler that “toddled” past him dressed in a pink onesie and a panda hood. Throughout the rest of this piece, which covers only two pages in […]

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