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Hell Flower

I’ve never been one for “busy-work.” There’s a fine line between the useless and the tedious. As someone who enjoys embroidery, I understand the value of patient, deliberate work. Nevertheless, I found creating my personal “Flower”—writing for whom, with whom, where, why, and for how much I’ll work—to be like counting grains of rice before […]

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Tina Cundari, English Major

After talking to a friend in an English class about her part job to earn some side money while attending the College of Charleston, Tina Cundari applied for a paralegal position while also earning her English degree. Richard N. Bolles in What Color is Your Parachute? (2022) states that you should choose a degree “because […]

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Having an “English Major” Brain Helped Me Figure Out My Post-Grad Plans

I think that if there’s one thing having an English major teaches you, it is how to be clever. You can—pardon my French—bullshit your way through a conversation by being persuasive. You die on a hill without understanding the metaphorical “hill”. George Anders in You Can Do Anything: The Surprising Power of a ‘Useless’ Liberal […]

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Reflections on Ross Gay’s Writing

From Ross Gay’s Book of Essays, The Book of Delights The Sanctity of Trains   “The point is that in almost every instance of our lives, our social lives, we are, if we pay attention, in the midst of an almost constant, if subtle, caretaking. Holding open doors. Offering elbows at crosswalks. Letting someone else […]

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