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The Finale!

It is finally complete! After hours of frustrating trial and error, I have finished my website.  While I have created a website before, I have never used wordpress so this was definitely an intense learning curve. As you can see, I used the illustrator template as I was recommended which proved to be the easiest […]

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I Am Qualified

If you have ever experienced the joy of declaring yourself an English major, you will understand what it means to be on the defense. It is not uncommon to mentally prepare for the response after uttering the words, “I’m studying English.” This sentence is usually followed by overcompensated excitement or a forced lecture about how […]

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Reconnect With Your Nature

I cannot say I am a big fan of tedious tasks. This being said, the idea of going through numerous self-reflective assignments aligned with my own professional identity sounds quite torturous. And after completing the “Flower Exercise,” located in Richard N. Bolles What Color Is Your Parachute? I cannot deny the torturous nature of completing […]

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Singing in a Dirty Kitchen

I have not always been a good friend. Oftentimes I take days to answer a simple text. I tend to groan when I receive unsolicited FaceTime calls – mostly because I prefer notice, not because I do not like the caller (usually). I also have the disgraceful tendency to cancel plans at the last minute. […]

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So Utterly Human

As the years pass, it is much harder to find childlike joy in the mundane. Life makes too much sense. The wonder in our eyes has gone and left us with this jaded feeling. But does it have to stay this way? Ross Gay awakens his joy with his collection titled, The Book of Delights, […]

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This is Why I’m Here

When I graduated kindergarten the teachers asked every student what they wanted to be when they grew up. The result of our barely formed decisions were placed directly underneath each of our school photos in the yearbook. Some of my classmates wanted to be astronauts, others wanted to be firefighters, and some simply said they […]

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