Without Further Ado…

…I’m excited to introduce my brand-new website! Using Wix, I have created a writing portfolio to share with potential employers. The process was not without its challenges (I’ll get into those later on), but overall I’m very happy about the final product and I am confident that it will prove an invaluable tool in the career search.

I’ll start by talking about my design process. I decided to use a clean, straightforward interface that features my writing first and foremost. I initially struggled to decide how to integrate images and framing to create a compelling platform, but once I began to consider the site as an extension of my career portfolio—a sort of companion to my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile—I realized that the best route forward was simplicity. I forewent photos except in the cases where they were directly relevant to the pieces (as on the Aurora profile and in the “About” section) or would create significant visual intrigue (as on the homepage), and I kept framing to a minimum (summarizing theses of essays, adding original publication dates to stories, and providing only crucial background information for blog posts, all while filling in the gaps with an explanatory paragraph on my homepage). In my opinion, this has contributed to a crisp and appealing user experience that privileges writing as an aesthetic choice.

I chose artifacts across three broad categories of writing (“Academic Essays,” “Short Stories,” and “Blog Posts”) to showcase my range as a writer, and demonstrate how one of my greatest passions can be an asset in a professional setting. In that sense, I feel that my website has successfully captured the values and skills associated with my time in the English major. If I had some more time, I would’ve loved to have played around with a more maximalist aesthetic and seen if I could’ve utilized a greater number of photographs and frames without sacrificing the content-forward design I’ve cultivated, but I’m nevertheless pleased with my finished product!

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