2023 BEAMS Symposium

2023 BEAMS Symposium
April 20-22, Charleston, SC


To view student posters presented and list of student oral presentations, go here

The second BEAMS Symposium was held in Charleston April 20-22, 2023 at the Francis Marion Hotel. The 2022 symposium was so successful (and fun!) that we extended the agenda by a half day, allowing time for visiting conference attendees to present more information about their company’s/agency’s activities.

At a glance, the 2023 Symposium began with our meet-and-greet reception Thursday evening, April 20th. On Friday, BEAMS students presented 12 research posters and 7 talks, and 13 companies/agencies hosted program information display tables. Saturday morning focused on presentations (9) by attending professionals
about their exciting current projects.

To view the 2023 agenda, go here.


(Above) 13 students presented their research posters during morning and
afternoon sessions on Friday.


2023 BEAMS Symposium

(Above) Current students and many BEAMS Alumni joined
BEAMS Faculty at the 2023 Symposium!



Symposium History:  In April 2022, the BEAMS Program hosted its first BEAMS Symposium, at the Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, SC.  The original purpose of the Symposium was to provide the 20+ matriculated BEAMS students an opportunity to present their research in person (rather than remotely) at a professional conference.  Due to the pandemic, no such opportunities had existed since the 2020 Ocean Sciences meeting in San Diego.
Visit our 2022 BEAMS Symposium page to view photos, the agenda, and students posters presented. 

Below are images of the 2023 BEAMS Symposium.


Thursday Meet-and-Greet: Scott Harris and Gorka Sancho (CofC), Lauren Maurizio (Blue Dot; BEAMS ‘07) , and Will Sautter (Woolpert) Thursday evening’s Meet-and-Greet reception A great turn out to the kick-off Meet-and-Greet reception! Thank you, eTrac/Woolpert for sponsoring the evening’s event! Symposium Poster Session, Friday (Francis Marion Hotel) 13 students presented their research posters during morning and afternoon sessions. Chrissy Maschmeyer (3D at Depth; BEAMS ‘13) and Sean Maloney (BEAMS ‘21) Bailey Horn (USACE; BEAMS ‘19), Eric Wehmeyer (BEAMS ‘23), and Jordan James (Prudent Eng.; BEAMS ‘22) Jacob Stock (BEAMS ‘21) and Marc Fortner (QPS) Kristen Hughes and Rebekah Gossett (Geodynamics; BEAMS ‘15), and Cole Budi (NGA; BEAMS ‘20) Anna D’Agostino (BEAMS ‘22), Eryn Faggart (BEAMS ‘21) and Layne Leggett (SeaMap ’23) Meet Dr. Haley Cabaniss (CofC; BEAMS ‘12) who is the new marine geology/BEAMS faculty member (Dept. of Geology and Environmental Geosciences)! Ransom White (BlueDot; BEAMS ‘07) andMcHenry Jackson (BEAMS ‘23) Lauren Maurizio (BlueDot; BEAMS Faculty) with Erik Quirk (Oceaneering) Anastasia Silsbury (ECHO81; BEAMS ’21) and Ben Ross (BEAMS ‘22) Christina Maschmeyer (3D at Depth; BEAMS ‘14) and Eneko Sancho (BEAMS ‘23) Anna D’Agostino (BEAMS ‘22) and Layne Leggett (SeaMap ’23) Kristin Hughes (GeoDynamics; BEAMS ‘15), and Rebekah Gossett (GeoDynamics; BEAMS ‘15) NOAA Coast Survey’s Alexandra Dawson (BEAMS ‘17) and Kyle Ward US Army Corp’s Jennifer Kist (BEAMS ‘13) and Bailey Horn (BEAMS ‘19) Straud Armstrong (Hypack) and Cheryl Glang (Richard T. Brennan Fair Winds Foundation) Kate Leturgez (BEAMS ‘22) presents to Jordan James (Prudent; BEAMS ‘21) and Samantha Bruce (Kongsberg; BEAMS ‘13) Caroline Bradley (eTrac/Woolpert; BEAMS ’17) and Cat Wells (CofC MES) Terry McKiven (Prudent Engineering) and Samantha Bruce (Kongsberg; BEAMS ‘13) BEAMS Alumni and Faculty (Left to right) Row 1: Dr. S. Harris, R. Gossett, A Satterwhite, A. Dawson (in absentia: Doc Sautter); Row 2: Dr. H. Cabaniss, C. Maschmeyer, A Salisbury, L. Heath, E. Faggart, S. Maier. Row 3: A. Stewart, J. James, C. Budi, K. Hughes, R. White, N. Baechler, B. Williams, E. Wehmeyer, B. Ross, M. Thompson. (Left to right) Row 1: A. Gibson, J. Stock, L. Maurizio, G. Salzer; Row 2: S. Bruce, B. Horn, A. D’Agostino, C. Wells, L. Boyington, J. Kist, S. Maloney, M. Zollinger Row 3: V. Edwards, K. Leturgez, E. Sancho, G. Miles, C. Bierce, M. Jackson (front), C. Bradley (back), RJ Kozich


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