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Episode 2: Nonprofit Management

Host Taylor Holloway, ’19, dives into the prosperous career of nonprofit management. This podcast episode discusses the roles of nonprofit leadership, accountability, and responsibilities with Sherrie Snipes-Williams, CEO of the Charleston Promise Neighborhood. Helpful Resources: Charleston Promise Neighborhood // The Importance of Nonprofit Leadership // Choosing a nonprofit career path // Bureau of Labor Statistics *NOTE: Launchpad…

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Interning at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art

By Marian Williams, ’20 When I decided on my arts management major, I remember looking through the requirements and seeing that an internship was one of its core components. It was daunting. The idea of completing an internship had a touch of mystery to it, especially for an international student which seemed to require a…

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CofC Alumna Cuts Teeth at Ohm Radio

By Aika Ishimori, ’20 When I started school at the College of Charleston, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do. I’ve always had a passion for different types of subjects. I knew I enjoyed exercising my creativity through writing, researching, visual arts, and music. With my many interests, I wasn’t sure what path…

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