Battling the Invisible Opponent

By Kimberly Ohanuka, ’14 

CofC alumna Kimberly Ohanuka, ’14

True life, I am a perfectionist. I tend to question whether I am doing something right or am even qualified for the task. I feel like a fraud. I feel like I am “all cap”, as some of you would say. That is imposter syndrome. It’s a psychological mind @*c#

I’m Kimberly Ohanuka. I graduated from CofC in 2014. Afterward, I attended law school. I graduated “at the top of my class” and passed the bar exam “on my first try”. After law school, I clerked for two judges (state and federal), which are considered “highly respected” positions in the legal field. I usually do not boast about my accomplishments, but I want you to understand the imposter syndrome’s sneakiness truly. Most people would say that I am excelling. In reality, I am waiting for one of my clients or bosses to expose me as a fraud despite being 100% qualified.  The best way I overcome this syndrome is by consistently affirming myself and reminding myself that I deserve to be at this table because I worked to get here.

For you, you may feel the effects of imposter syndrome while attending CofC. CofC’s curriculum can be rigorous and challenging. Being a leader on the CofC campus is tasking. Yet, you are qualified to attend CofC. My best piece of advice is to believe that you a capable. When you are unsure of something, ask questions because no one expects you to know everything. You are not an imposter if you don’t have all of the answers. I would believe that you are an imposter if you think you have all of the answers.

Kimberly Ohanuka is from Greenville, SC. She graduated from CofC in 2014 with a B.A. in Public Health. Soon after, she attended law school and graduated from University of Baltimore School of Law. She currently works as a Civil Defense Attorney at a Washington, D.C. law firm. In her spare time, she runs a home and lifestyle blog, @loveyourhomie_ko. 

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