Palabras en español que se usan en EEUU! (Spanish Words Used in the US!)

Second to English, Spanish is one of the most valuable languages to learn for the workforce. See how your Spanish skills stack up using the word search below!

By Ari Fernandez Bonneto

  1. adios
  2. adobe
  3. aficionado
  4. angeles
  5. armada
  6. armadillo
  7. barrio
  8. bodega
  9. burro
  10. cafeteria
  11. california
  12. camino
  13. chili
  14. chorizo
  15. colorado
  16. coyote
  17. daiquiri
  18. embargo
  19. fiesta
  20. florida
  21. gusto
  22. jalapeño
  23. mojito
  24. montana
  25. mosquito
  26. nada
  27. nevada
  28. oregano
  29. patio
  30. piñata
  31. politico
  32. pronto
  33. sierra
  34. siesta
  35. suave
  36. tango
  37. tornado
  38. vigilante

If you’re interested in taking Spanish classes, check out the Hispanic Studies Department’s website, or check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Ari Fernandez Bonetto, MBA is the Assistant Director for CofC’s Office of Admissions where he also serves as the Hispanic Recruitment Coordinator. 

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