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July 20, 2015

postmedieval 6.2: Contemporary Poetics and the Medieval Muse

Special Issue Edited by David Hadbawnik and Sean Reynolds6.2 cover


All times Contemporaneous
Sean Reynolds and David Hadbawnik


The task of the dystranslator: an introduction to a dystranslation of the works of the ‘Pearl’ poet
Chris Piuma
More Gravy than the Grave: classical Arabic lexical monographs in translation
David Larsen
Remediated verse: Chaucer’s Tale of Melibee and Patience Agbabi’s ‘Unfinished Business’
Candace Barrington and Jonathan Hsy
Caroline Bergvall her ‘Shorter Chaucer Tales’
Richard Owens
Imparadising, transhumanizing, intrining: Dante’s celestial vision
Peter O’Leary
Cædmon and the gift of song in Black Mountain poetry
Peter Buchanan
Robin Blaser, Jack Spicer, and Arthur Brodeur: avant-garde poetics, the pedagogy of Old English at mid-century, and a counterfactual critical history, or, the importance of a broadly conceived English studies department
Daniel C. Remein
The thunder after the lightning: language and Pasolini’s medievalist poetics
Louise D’Arcens
Tender and changing
Alice Ladrick
The owl of the system: Alice Notley’s queer poetics in The Descent of Alette
Christopher Roman


Poetry on the edge: modern medievalism’s marginal verses
S. J. Pearce
[see postmedieval site at Palgrave for more information on this and other issues]
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