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A Night @ Theater 99

Had a lot of fun at Theater 99 last night for “Laugh for a Lincoln” night. The first sketch was called “Big Dictionary” and featured two standup artists picking words to improvise off of at random from a big dictionary. The sketch was witty and exciting. The next set, called “Moral Fixation” was to me less entertaining and seemingly more targeted at an older crowd. I was fairly bored by the end of their routine but still had a good night. The crowd in attendance was of all ages 18+. It was impressive to see a show near sold out on a Wednesday night.images

Tickets were only 5$ and could be bought in advance online or at the door. The show sells out frequently so I would recommend purchasing in advance if you’re set on making a show, especially on the weekends. The stage was vibrant and overall the show was worth the entirety of my 5$. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys laughing.

As I Hope It Isn’t In Heaven

On Monday night, I went to see the CofC Department of Theater & Dance’s production of “As it is in Heaven, a play about The Shakers“. The production was shown in the Robinson Theatre, located in the Simon’s Center on St. Phillip St. I thought overall the production was very well executed. The stage was beautifully crafted and the costumes were simple yet elegant. Personally, I am not a fan of the theater & could not relate to the story, despite my efforts. I have to admit I eventually got extremely bored after about 45 minutes, but that’s because theater is just not my thing. Despite my boredom, I could definitely appreciate the quality of the acting/singing and the amount of time that went into the production.

displaymediaIt was interesting to witness firsthand the separate ticket pricing for students & the general public, something they definitely did to draw a bigger crowd. I was unfortunate enough to forget my student ID and was charged an extra 50%, which caused me to immediately take mental note of their tactical marketing strategy. If you enjoy theater I would recommend going to see the near flawless performance but if you don’t I would steer clear.

(Just to clarify I mean no disrespect to anyone involved in the production, I thought it was very well done)


Umphrey’s Mcgee + Sound Tribe Sector 9

On August 24th in Alpharetta, GA at Verizon Amphitheater, I went to see Umphrey’s McGee & Sound Tribe Sector 9 play a concert for about 10,000 people. This show was the 8th of the bands joint tour, STS9 headlining this particular night. Each band is known for their own brands of high energy rock ‘n roll fusion.

umphmcgeeAnother aspect of their live performances that both bands are known for is their extravagant light shows. This night was no exception and in a huge amphitheater like Verizon the light shows were nothing short of amazing. Although I personally prefer UM, it was a refreshing change of pace for me to see STS9 hold it down for the second set. A live video released by UM displays the intricacy of their lights as well as the relevancy of the band. In today’s age it is important to keep up with social media & keep fans entertained even at home. By releasing free videos as well put together as the one attached, any fans yet to attend one of their live shows are immediately enticed. I would 100% recommend the show for anyone who enjoys rock music.